PhantomAdmin - Beyond Invisible!
Go beyond invisible to undetectable and anonymous.

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Become UNDETECTABLE with the ultimate administrative invisibility solution.
Complete common administrative tasks without revealing your presence, protect your server from account "hacking" via anonymity, and give your players that creepy feeling.

PhantomAdmin turns your administrative team into ghosts - players won't know who they are, where they are, what they're doing, or even whether they're online unless they decide to reveal themselves. Administrative invisibility plugins stop at just making your character invisible in-game, but don't eliminate all the ways you can accidentally reveal your presence, like opening doors or chests, noisily placing blocks, stepping on pressure plates, accidentally chatting or dropping items with Q and so on. PhantomAdmin does all that, and also mitigates your server's vulnerability to account hacking (password-guessing) apps by hiding admins' identities behind nicknames so that players will never get an admin's real name.

Unbeatable, Always-On Invisibility
Unlike some other popular solutions, you can't accidentally log in with invisibility off, and reloading this plugin won't force you back into visibility. The server will actually stop sending information about you to players who don't have permission to see you, making it impossible for players to see you with hacked clients or other cheats. There are of course no particles or other effects indicating your location. You can toggle invisibility with provided slash commands.

Security Through Anonymity
Players who know your user name might use it to nefarious ends, like launching a password-guesser (account "hacker") app to log into your server as you and do permanent damage. "Hackers" will never succeed in taking over your account if they don't know your username. Both public and private messages from phantoms will always display nicknames instead of real player names, and your players can still send admins private messages using their nicknames.

Bypass Doors - Pass Through Walls!
Noisily opening a door tips-off players that you're near. In creative mode, right-click with an ender pearl in hand to instantly pass through any solid surface, or leap across wide open spaces in a flash. Enjoy a new level of freedom - flying will seem sluggish by comparison, gamemode-switching a hassle, teleport commands tedious.

Easily Swap to "Play" Mode
Just switch your game mode to survival and monsters will start targeting you but players still won't see you - so you can play on your server without being bothered.

Silently Access Containers and Player Inventories
Phantom admins open chests silently and without animation, so players won't know you're working nearby. Because dropping items on players gives away your location and /give can alert a player by landing an item in his hot bar or dropping an item near him when his inventory is full, phantom admins can directly access a player's inventory with a right-click to make more subtle changes (or just have a peek!).

Build Discretely
Phantom admins don't make any sound when placing or breaking blocks (you do still hear your own sounds, but other nearby players won't). Make changes right behind, above, or below players without making a ruckus.

Slash Command Invisibility
Players can't use an admin's username or nickname to determine whether he's online or not - private messages will always seem to work even when the admin isn't online, and aiming other types of slash commands at an admin when the player doesn't have permission to see him will result in the command being cancelled, whether the admin is online or not.

Safety Switches to Keep You Hidden
Never accidentally drop an item, send a slash command line as chat, activate a touch plate, or pick up items again! So many minor stumbles can reveal your presence to nearby players. Phantom admins enjoy automatic safety mechanisms which can be conveniently toggled on or off by sneaking (holding shift) - no tedious slash commands, config file changes, or permission updates necessary!

No Login/Logout/Death Messages
Players will always wonder whether admins are online and watching them, which will surely motivate them to be on their best behavior even when you're not really watching. ;) Did you know even a creative mode player can die, revealing his presence and player name? Both the Vanilla /kill command and falling out of the world can kill an otherwise invincible player, so PhantomAdmin even hides death messages.

Super-Simple Setup
Default settings work perfectly for semi-vanilla servers where all admins are /op. Otherwise, setup only requires assigning a few permission nodes and giving PhantomAdmin your list of private message commands (in the config file). All other settings are entirely optional, with defaults set to deliver maximum security.

Created by an experienced and professional developer.
This plugin delivers what its description promises. I have a great track record for creating quality plugins and maintaining them over time.

Messages are customizable, even into other languages.
Use messages.yml to translate messages players receive into any other language.

Why is this better than (free) VanishNoPacket?

  • PA hides your identity (in-game name) in chat and private messages, VNP does not. "Hackers" who have your in-game name may use password guessers to discover your password and log into your server as an administrator.
  • PA allows editing silently-opened chests, VNP offers only read-only.
  • PA prevents players from determining your online status by targeting you with slash commands, VNP does not.
  • PA allows access to player inventories, VNP does not.
  • PA allows toggling common options like item pickup, item drop, and touchplate activation by just sneaking. VNP has you memorize and tediously type slash commands and/or toggle your invisibility for common tasks.
  • PA allows for passing through walls without slash commands. With VNP, opening doors alerts players to your presence.
  • VNP is bloated with aesthetics like smoke and lightning.
  • PA works out of the box for server ops. VNP requires a permissions plugin for initial setup.
  • VNP doesn't stop experience orbs from revealing your location, PA does.
  • PA silently breaks blocks, VNP doesn't.
  • VNP makes you visible every time you /reload, PA does not.
  • VNP hasn't been updated in more than a year, and the comments are disabled. PA is supported.

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