GriefPrevention Flags - from the Creator of GriefPrevention!
Adds WorldGuard-style flags to GriefPrevention land claims. Easy, performant, convenient!

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Add WorldGuard-style flags to GriefPrevention land claims!
Designate PvP arenas, disable monster spawning, make portals run commands, and more!

Doesn't require WorldEdit.

Very easy to use.
GPFlags uses very simplified slash commands. Just stand in the land claim where you want to modify flags, then use easy commands. Suppose you wanted to disable monster spawning in your spawn area...

With WorldGuard:
/region flag spawn mob-spawning deny

With GPFlags:
/setflag NoMonsterSpawns

The WorldGuard approach also assumes you named your region, and remember its name. ;)

Lots of flags to choose from, with many more on the to-do list.
Easily create PvP arenas where players never run out of arrows, can keep their gear and experience on death, and always respawn nearby. Designate safe zones where players can't die and monsters won't spawn, shooting ranges where players never run out of arrows, parkour courses with no damage or keep inventory / keep exp on death, and item or experience rewards at the end. Even create convenient portals to specific destinations, or portals which execute arbitrary console commands, and more! Visit the SpigotMC page (use the download link above, or the more information link at the bottom of this page) to get a complete list of available flags or to request specific flags be added.

GPFlags doesn't waste CPU cycles on flags which aren't in use. For example, GPFlags won't track player movement at all unless you're using flags which require it like EnterMessage or ExitMessage.

Created by an experienced and professional developer.
This is a quality plugin that delivers what its description promises. I have a great track record for creating quality plugins and maintaining them over time.

Messages are customizable, even into other languages.
Use messages.yml to translate messages players receive into any other language.

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