GraviTree - Prevent floating treetop eyesores!
Applies gravity to log blocks (only in trees!) when a player chops ANY type of tree.

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Eliminate floating treetops with the power of GraviTree!
ONLY trees. ALL vanilla tree types. Even branches!

Watch the very short video above for a quick demonstration!

Brings high trunk blocks within easy reach.

When a player removes a layer from a tree trunk, the rest of the trunk falls down to fill the gap. Lazy players don't even have the option to leave blocks hanging in the air. With the log blocks removed, leaf blocks gradually decay on their own.

Branch blocks fall, too!

Large oak and jungle trees are the worst - even well-meaning players often overlook branch blocks obscured by leaves. GraviTree ensures branch blocks fall to the ground, even when they're not directly connected to the tree trunk by other branch blocks.

Works with ALL vanilla tree types.

Jagged acacia trees, large oak trees with disconnected branches, fat-and-tall jungle trees... all trees chop cleanly.

Player-placed logs are safe.

GraviTree examines the area around a potential "tree", and won't apply gravity to logs when player block types are nearby. Even tree houses are safe.

Cool animation.

Shortly after you install the plugin, many players will run out and chop trees just for the fun of watching the blocks cascade down. :)

Toggle-able per player.

Any player who doesn't like it may toggle it off for himself with a slash command. And GraviTree informs players about the slash command the first time they see the plugin in action, so you don't have to tell them about it.

Messages are customizable, even into other languages.

You may customize the message GraviTree sends to players in the config file.

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