DiamondGuarantee - Put an end to resource shortages!
Guarantees players who put in the work will find diamonds, glowstone and nether wart, even in previously-explored areas.

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End bad luck and resource shortages - guarantee players can always find diamonds!
Detects bad mining luck and discreetly injects diamond ore for players to stumble upon.
PLUS solutions for glowstone, nether wart, and the ender dragon!

Even when you run ore limiters and anti-x-ray solutions on your server, areas can run low on diamond ore due to many factors - diamond hoarding, overpopulation, cheating, and randomness in Vanilla world gen. This problem is worst when new players get frustrated and quit your server before they've given it a fair assessment. DiamondGuarantee solves the diamond starvation problem by detecting when a miner is having a streak of bad luck, then cleverly injecting diamond ores just out of sight where he's sure to discover them!

Sad Player Detection
Monitors a player's ratio of stone blocks to diamond ore broken to determine when a player is having unreasonably poor luck discovering diamonds. Under the default configuration, players will find diamonds at the same rate they would in a brand new Vanilla world, even in areas which have been explored previously, while players who are finding natural diamonds at the usual rate won't get any help because they don't need it.

Discreet Happiness Injection
Players won't notice the plugin adding diamond ores, because ores will only ever be inserted when they're entirely surrounded by solid blocks. X-rayers could theoretically see it in action, but their efficiency at finding ores will prevent them from ever generating an ore via this plugin.

Bad Guy Rejection
Technical details prevent clever players from gaming the system, for example by using pistons to push diamond ore out of the diamond zone for free breaks, using TNT to anonymously collect diamonds from the world, or manufacturing a favorable diamond/stone ratio by placing stone blocks just to break them again.

Advanced Player Protection
Some players like to use silk touch to break an ore, then store it for breaking with a different (fortune?) tool later. They won't be penalized for either.

Renewable Glowstone
Ghasts will drop 20 glowstone dust (configurable) when slain. This renewable source of glowstone guarantees players who make the effort and spend time in The Nether can get their hands on glowstone, even when many other players have previously explored the same area. As a bonus, this gives players a reason to risk approaching ghasts and waiting until they're over solid ground before killing them, which makes for a more exciting encounter (which is otherwise disappointingly rare in The Nether!).

Renewable Nether Wart
In Nether Fortresses, pig zombies now have a 20% (configurable) chance to drop a single nether stalk. Now players can always find nether wart, even in areas previously explored by others. This solution carries a bonus - it gives players reason to pick a fight with pig zombies, which can quickly turn The Nether into a very dangerous place!

Renewable Elytras, Dragon Eggs, and Dragon Heads
The ender dragon will drop these items each time he's slain.

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This is a quality plugin that delivers what its description promises. I have a great track record for creating quality plugins and maintaining them over time.

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