Automatic Inventory - It sorts itself!
Automatic inventory management for all your players! Defeat the tedium of manual organization!

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Deposit ALL your loot into ALL the right boxes with a single slash command!
Plus automatic inventory/chest sorting AND MORE!

Automatic Inventory eliminates tedious inventory management tasks for your players:‚Äč
  • /DepositAll finds nearby chests you can access and instantly deposits items from your backpack matching the items in each chest! (Doesn't disturb your hotbar).
  • Simplifies depositing the correct items into a specific chest to a single click (even from your hot bar).
  • Automatically sorts personal inventory and chest contents.
  • Automatically replaces both broken tools and depleted hot bar stacks.
  • Players may toggle off features they don't like using a slash command Automatic Inventory teaches them about in-game.
  • Still more features to come!

Buy now and save! As the feature set grows, so will the price. Buying once guarantees you access to all future updates at no additional cost.

AI is a great (EULA-compatible) perk suitable for any server [prison, pvp, factions, survival, skyblock or otherwise] and attractive to every player.

/DepositAll to instantly dump all your loot into all the right chests.

Finds all chests (within one chunk of your location) that you have permission to open and automatically deposits any items from your back pack (not your hotbar) which match items in those chests. Just set up your chests with sample items, and let AutomaticInventory take care of the rest!

Shift-right-click to quickly deposit items into your chests.

Will instantly add all items from your inventory matching items already in the target chest when you open a chest while holding shift (sneaking). This means you set up your chests once by placing some example items, then just shift-right-click to quickly drop off items after that, never worrying that your items will become disorganized.

Auto-sorts chests.

When a player opens a chest or chest minecart, the contents will be automatically condensed (restacked) and sorted, grouping similar items together. The first time this happens, the player gets a brief explanation in chat and instructions for disabling the feature if he doesn't like it.

Auto-sorts player inventory.

When a player opens his inventory, it's sorted just like chests above. His hotbar is untouched. Like the chest sort, this can be disabled by any players who don't like it.

Auto-refills hotbars.

When a player uses the last item in a stack or breaks a tool, a replacement item will leap into his hand from his inventory (assuming a very similar item is available). For example, if a player were to eat the last bread in the bread stack in his hand and there were more bread in his inventory, then the additional bread would jump into the now-empty hot bar slot where the bread he just ate used to be. This applies to weapons, tools, projectiles, blocks, and food. You may exempt certain items, like potions for example, from automatically jumping into the hot bar from inventory in the config file.


Automatic Inventory is light on the CPU, so it won't drag down your server's performance. See this performance report to compare AI against other popular plugins like GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, and NoCheatPlus on an active server with real players (and where all players have all Automatic Inventory's features enabled). If you're unfamiliar with Spigot performance reports, here's the punchline: Automatic Inventory's performance impact is so small, it's hidden by default and you have to click "toggle all hidden" just to find it.

Messages are customizable, even into other languages.

Use Automatic Inventory's messages.yml to translate messages players receive to any other language.

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